Kuefa is existing for more than 70 years now. Many unwrapped bonbon specialities of the "good old days" have not lost their popularity till today:

  • fruit sweets like Raspberries, Orange- & Lemon Slices,
  • glazed satin pralines with crunchy nougat and choco fillings like Golden Nuts, Peppermint Cushions, Nougat- and Mocha-Tongues and
  • herbs and cough candies (Malt, Fennel, Anise, Sage, Mulled Wine (Glühwein) and many more).

Some bonbons of the program of nearly 40 different specialities are also available in 1,5 kg or 2 kg jars. Kuefa's EUCALYPTUS-Menthol Sweets have a great portion of valuable menthol. That is the reason for their special flavour and relieving influence on cold symptoms. EUCA-Menthol Sweets are also available wrapped: in bulk, in 2 kg-Jars and in packs.


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Bulkware in bags

4 kg/bag, 5 bags/carton

Fruit Bonbons

Glazed Satin Pralines and Bonbons with Crunchy Nougat and Choco Fillings

Herbs-, Cough-, Salmiak- and Mulled Wine Bonbons

Bonbons in clear jars with 1,5/2 kg

Packages with 175/200 g

cartons with 18 packages

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