The sweet promotion gift from Kuefa: bonbons, ball- or disc-shaped lollipops (flavour and colour of your choice) with your own emblem on the wrapper:
The cheapest advertising article that you can offer piece by piece: Children love Kuefa-Lollies and for grown-ups a lollipop is always an original gag that brings back childhood memories.

Our disc-shaped lollipops offer an especially great advertising space of 48 x 48 mm. Prints can be done up to four colours (CMYK) on transparent or white foil.

Flat Lollipops (disc-shaped)

about 10 g piece weight, ca. 35 mm diameter, 48 x 48 mm for your logo or slogan

Ball-shaped Lollies

about 17 g piece weight, ca. 30 mm diameter (random printing only!)

Promotion Bonbons

oval, about 5 g piece weight

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